Browser compatibility, often known as cross browser compatibility, refers to whether or not a website or web application is functioning as intended in any particular browser. Therefore, browser compatibility testing is a method of ensuring that a website or online application functions as intended in every web browser. It ensures that a website or online application works as intended across a variety of device-browser-OS combinations as required by your product market and user share, browser compatibility testing is conducted. Benefits of a browser compatibility testing are checks the functionality of widely-used browsers, reduces the cost of manual testing, boosts the testing process accuracy and lightens the workload for your testing team's manual tests. Appsierra offers thorough browser compatibility testing services that may be carried out on a variety of hardware, operating systems, browsers, databases, servers, and display resolutions. To guarantee that your product works with a variety of technical standards, Appsierra maintains a comprehensive compatibility lab that includes the most recent platforms, operating systems, peripherals, and hardware.