Asphalt Hot Box for sale EAHB-SE2000 Truck Mounted Asphalt Hotbox Heater EAHB-SE2000 truck mounted asphalt hotbox heater is professional and comprehensive equipment for asphalt pavement regenerative repairing. EAHB-SE2000 truck mounted asphalt hotbox heater is consisted of asphalt hot box, blue ray asphalt heater, emulsion sprayer, hand roller, old material recycling bin, engine generator, hydraulic system, electric heating and temperature control system and chassis truck. And it has comprehensive functions of thermal insulation and heating asphalt mixture, spaying emulsion, heating & repairing asphalt pavement, raking and compacting asphalt pavement. It has complete set of warning signal for the application safety, and it鈥檚 flexible to turn, u-turn and moving. It meets the requirement of fast reaching the working site, fast repairing and transition. Asphalt mixture heating and insulation functions ensure the maintenance all year round. It has been designed for the current asphalt pavement maintenance circumstance, with features of proper distribution, compact structure, integrated maintenance function, high efficiency, low energy consumption, no pollution, convenient operation and maintenance. It鈥檚 suitable for repairing the asphalt pavement potholes, alligator cracks and other distresses in the highway, freeway, municipal road and airport. Features 1. With the functions of cold material heating and thermal insulation, which ensure repairing in all seasons, and do not need to care the factor of asphalt mixture, save the raw material cost and improve the maintenance efficiency. 2. High thermal efficiency and low cost hotbox, Germany imported ceramic infrared electric heating heater, the cold asphalt mixture can be heated up to 140-170 鈩?in 4 hours. 3. Large hotbox inside space is conforming to the heating transfer and exchange. Asphalt hotbox can heat up and regenerate the old asphalt mixture through the space heat exchange of infrared energy, asphalt is not directly heated, never combustion or cause asphalt burnt. It can intermittently heat by adjusting the temperature controller, heating faster, thermal insulation longer, and never burn the asphalt. 4. Integrated intelligent control: To control the temperature of hotbox and heat the materials with electric heating by centralized control panel, adjust the heating time of the asphalt heater, select the heating area, open the hotbox door by electric, lift up and down the heater and control the hotbox discharging, with indicator light and alarm light for fault diagnosis. 5. Automatic materials discharging structure reduces the labor intensity of the operator. Electronically controlled hydraulic motor drive the helix feeding rod to transfer and mix the material. Discharge door controlled by the hydraulic system closed when not discharge avoid pollution and safety potential caused by scattered material. The discharged speed can be controlled freely and 2 cubic meters asphalt can be completely discharged within the 10 minutes. 6. Top heat insulation door can efficiently prevent heat loss, the material door is driven by electric control hydraulic cylinder. 50mm thick aluminum insulation in the material door can prevent the heat from loss in the air effectively, two doors composition for convenience feeding. 7. Hydraulic system powered by chassis engine or engine generator through power takeoff, no need a separate hydraulic power station, the machine power has been fully exerted, and the whole layout design is more proportional. Automatic material discharging, hotbox door open and close, asphalt heater lift and lay down, and old material recycling bin tilting, all of which are adopted the hydraulic driven, dynamic stability. 8. Rear blue ray asphalt heater with digital heating time controller rejuvenates asphalt in the damaged area with better water-proof effects; Heat-resistance ceramic insulation layer keeps the cover at ambient temperature; Continuous ignition ensures sufficient burning of propane. Asphalt heated to 140-170 鈩?within 15 minute and repair done in 20 minutes; Partial independent heating zones; No mechanical parts, free of maintenance. 9. Integrated emulsified asphalt spraying system ensures the asphalt content of recycled materials. 45L emulsified asphalt tank, with a small air compressor, 8 meters length emulsified asphalt pipe, hand-held spray gun with automatic recovery function, and asphalt hose with self-cleaning function. 10. OEM rake system, Max. 5.9 meter width, high manganese steel material made, high temperature resistance, hydraulic driven, powerful and strong. 11. The hot box & asphalt heater is specially installed with an old material recycling bin, electronic control hydraulic driven tilting. It can reduce the labor intensity while collect the materials in horizontal tilt, which can conveniently take away the waste generated in the construction, and keep the constructed road clean. 12. It adopts Cummins engine generator as power for heating and control system, fast starting, easy operation and maintenance, low use cost and strong environment adaptability. 55KW rated power generator, fully meet the heating needs of the hotbox, with power output interface to provide electricity for electric power tools. 13. Equipped LED indicator light, 200 meters sight distance, various display options including right diversion and left diversion, the integrated control panel in the electric cabinet, convenience control. 14. Transport easily to with a chassis truck, security and easy to operate. Adopting the strong brand Dongfeng for the chassis truck, power rate at 160HP, and maximum driving speed at 80KM/H, meeting the fast repairing and evacuating requirement of highway maintenance. Exhaust emission have reached the China third-level, no pollution. Air-conditioner equipped in the driving cab. Technical Parameters ModelEAHB-SE2000 truck mounted asphalt hotbox heater Asphalt hotbox capacity2 cubic meters Overall dimensions8710脳2400脳3300 mm L脳 W脳 H Gross weight11500kg Asphalt hot box heating system Heating methodElectric heating Heating time4 hours Heating temperature140-170鈩? adjustable Total Power43.2KW Ceramic heater temperature400鈩?maximum temperature, freely set by the temperature controller Centralized temperature displayTemperature controller timely displays the temperature in right, left, front and rear zone in the hotbox through the built-in thermocouple, and it can automatically turn off the heaters when the asphalt temperature reached set temperature Hydraulic system PowerPowered by chassis engine through power takeoff Control modeAll electronic control Hydraulic oil tank150L Hydraulic oil model46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil Asphalt hot box structure HotboxWelded by carbon steel, 6 separate zones, excellent thermal insulation Thermal insulation layerFilled in with 50mm thick, 1250鈩?high temperature-resistant aluminum silicate materials as insulation layer, effectively preventing heat loss AssemblyMold designed hotbox is fixed on the chassis with front and rear lifting hole, easy for removal and maintenance Automatic discharge mechanism Automatic discharge mechanismElectric hydraulic motor driven the helix feeding rod to transfer and mix the material. Discharge door controlled by the hydraulic system closed when not discharge, for avoiding the pollution and safety potential caused by scattered materials on the road. Discharge rateDischarging 2 cubic asphalt in 10 minutes Material Feeding door Material Feeding door50mm thick aluminum insulation in the material door prevent the heat loss effectively, two doors composition for convenience feeding Operation modeElectric control hydraulic cylinder switches the material door Emulsified asphalt spray system Pipe reel15m length pipe, automatic recovery Emulsified asphalt tank45L Cleaning diesel tank17L Pressure bottle20L Rear blue ray asphalt heater Heating area dimensions4.32 square meters Separate heating zone2 independent heating zones (can heat separately or simultaneously) Engine generator EngineCummins Engine speedRated 1500rpm FuelLight diesel fuel Fuel consumption11L/H (working condition) GeneratorStanford Output power55KW Frequency50Hz Output voltage380V Insulation classH Protection gradeIP22 Old material recycling bin Capacity300L Control modeElectric control hydraulic driven tilting Road roller Compaction width560 mm Excitation force15 KN Engine power3.1 KW Chassis truck BrandDongfeng FuelDiesel Emission standardGB17691-2005, GB3847-2005 Power160HP Tyre6 Max. speed80km/h Hydraulic driven automatically rake Rake width4.9 meters Materialhigh manganese steel DrivenHydraulic Others Security alertEquipped LED indicator light Auxiliary powerWith hydraulic power output connector provide motivation for external hydraulic toolAsphalt Hot Box for sale website:http://www.enuomachinery.com/road-maintenance-machinery/asphalt-hot-box/