China Single Walled Glass Drink Bottle Our Factory Shenzhen Happy Brothers Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the large-scale professional and innovative household product manufacturers with more than 15 years of "innovation" experience. Our factory is located in the Huang Industrial Zone of Xinwu Group, Baishi Village, Qiuchang Town, Huiyang District, Huizhou City. with 6 Ptoduction Line, 3 big watehouse, 2 QC Team, 2 kind of Testing Laboratories, Total 350 staffs, We have been supplying Sports Bottles, BPA FREE Bottles, Lunch Bosex, Fresh Food storage containers, Reusable cups, shaker bottles "BINBOTTLE" and "XBOTLE" Btands which is well known especially in Europe and merica. Our Product Shenzhen Happy Brothers Industrial Co., Ltd is a modern enterprise specializing in the processing and production of water bottles, sports water bottles, shaker cups, vacuum flasks and other types of water cups. Production Equipment Blow molding machine: 20 sets Sealing machine: 32 sets Screen printing machine: 20 sets Injection molding machine: 28 sets Automatic filling machine: 6sets Our Service Pre-sales: There are professional international sales personnel for docking, and can purchase the company's existing mold products, and can also process and produce customized products. On sale: keep in touch with each other at all times, feed back the latest production situation of the factory, and complete orders with quality and quantity. After-sales service: earnestly follow up the feedback of product shipments, do a good job of rest assured and worry-free for customers.China Single Walled Glass Drink Bottle website:http://www.men-bottles.com/