Botanical Pesticide What is Rotenone Fish? Rotenone fish is an insecticide with molecular formula C23H22O6. Rotenone fish killer exists in the roots of leguminous Deervine plants produced in tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, and it is also contained in some Chinese herbal medicines such as sweet melon seeds, bitter sandalwood seeds, and roots of Kunming Spatholobus. Rotenone fish widely exists in the root bark of plants, and is a highly specific substance in toxicology. It has strong contact and stomach poisoning effects on insects, especially cabbage butterfly larvae, diamondback moths and aphids. Early studies have shown that the mechanism of action of rotenone is mainly to affect the respiration of insects, and it mainly interacts with a certain component between NADH dehydrogenase and coenzyme Q. 聽 Rotenone fish killer inhibits the electron transport chain of pest cells, thereby reducing the ATP level in the organism, and finally makes the pests unable to obtain energy supply, and then slows down, paralyzes and dies slowly. Basic Information: 聽 Content:5% 7% 10% 30% 40% of Rotenone_powder Chemical name:(1,2,12,12a-tetrahidro-2 -iso-propeny-8, 9- dimethoxy-[1]-benzopyrane-[3,4-b] -furo- [2,3-h]-[1]-benzopyran-6-OH) Density:0.95-1.01 Molecular formula:C23 H22 O6 Aspect:Light-brown granulate solid (thick grounded) Solubility:Soluble in chlorine solvents, benzene, propanone, acetic acid, petroleum derivate oils, etoxilated superior oily acids, etc. Inert contents:Practically free solid inert or insoluble impurities Packing:Obscure PVC bags in corrugated carton drums of 50 KGS 聽 Rotenone Fish Benefits: Rotenone fish: The rotenone in the root of the leguminous plant rotenone fish killer has strong lethality to fish, while the biological toxicity to shrimp and shrimp bait is relatively low. Animal experiments show that rotenone fish killer can remove miscellaneous fish and insect pests in fish ponds, and has obvious bactericidal effect. Therefore, for Clearing ponds and eliminating pests in shrimp ponds. Clear pond method one: 5% deer vine root powder. When clearing the pond, use 4-5 grams of dry powder per cubic meter of water, and soak it for a while, even with water and slag Sprinkle into the pool together. This product is cheap and easy to keep, and it is an ideal medicine for clearing ponds in shrimp ponds. Clear pond method two: Rotenone Cream. If the depth of sugar water per mu is 1 meter, use 4% rotenone fish emulsifiable concentrate, and the dosage is 1000 ml; Add 10-15 times of water to the emulsifiable oil, put it into the sprayer and spray the whole pool, and it can be stocked after 15 days. Add appropriate amount of emulsifier, solvent and auxiliary agent to 40% raw materials to make 4% rotenone fish killer for sale . hrimos and prawn breeding. 聽 聽 Where to buy Rotenone Fish? Just send email to , or submit your requirement in bottom form, we are of service at any time! 聽Botanical Pesticide website: