Air Stapler made in China Product Description Due to the relatively complex design, this FURNITURE STAPLE Gun is the version most commonly used by professionals. It is specifically designed for heavy-duty stapling applications. It is able to strike 1,000,000 times without changing any parts. This model integrates a quick reinstallation system to improve efficiency, and at the same time, it can be used for surprise ignition through its contact trip valve. In addition, its adjustable exhaust valve rotates quickly to ensure that dust and debris are blown away from you, thus ensuring operator safety. It is very suitable for frame, sheath, floor decoration and other fields. If you are after value for money, please do not hesitate! Product Information Model No.: R7116 Dimension: 220.5X145X43.2mm Weight: 0.91kg(2.0Ib) Operating Pressure: 72-87psi(5-6bar) Max.pressure: 120psi(8.3bar) Load Capacity: 157pcs Production Details Cylinder cover Heat-treated iron cylinder head, can be used as hammer at your needed working situation. Trigger And Handle A7116 is a very ergonomic and easy-to-use stapler. Drive Guide Magazine Its magazine can hold up to 125pcs nails at a time. Product Function In terms of raw power, this type of FURNITURE STAPLE Gun is ahead of others, which is why it is suitable for large-scale work. The FURNITURE STAPLE Gun has power and versatility, and is a popular processing equipment. And its light and compact design makes it easy to transport. Moreover, the drive depth can be adjusted without any tools. CE Certificate of Product Packaging & Delivery 鈥?Delivery Time: Around 45 days after your payment. 鈥?Package: Includes nailer, lubrication oil, Allen wrenches, eye protection and an operating manual 鈥?Net Weight: 21 kgs/Carton / Gross Weight: 22kgs/Carton 鈥?Carton Size & Volume: 34.5脳28.5脳25.2mm 鈥?Warranty: 1year limited warranty Considerations for an furniture Stapler When you're thinking of purchasing a new furniture stapler, there are some considerations that you should take into account first. These include: Trigger Finger 鈥?We're not talking about the itchy kind. Trigger finger is simply the name for a repetitive stress injury that can cause you to feel pain in your forefinger as a result of constant, repetitive trigger-pulling. In fact, trigger finger can cause the tendon in the finger to lock up painfully. Magazine Length 鈥?This is a major convenience consideration. The magazine of your stapler is where the staples are held; and the longer the magazine, the more stapling you can do without replacement. If you have a larger re-furniture project, seek out a stapler that has a larger magazine so that you can have reduced downtime during your project. Exhibition Around The World Show roomAir Stapler made in China website:http://www.airpaintsprayer.com/air-nailer/air-stapler/