Hulu Watch Party   Like the formerly named Netflix Party, Hulu Watch Party is just a PC-based experience. Like Amazon Prime Video Watch Party, this new feature does not require downloading apps or extensions. Friends can watch it online with you and make chat comments as you all watch together. Here’s how it works: Visit via a web browser. Find a movie or TV show you want to watch with others with the Watch Party logo (three people in a circle) on the Details page. Click the Watch Party icon, then Start Watching. The movie or TV show should start playing. You can then select the link icon to copy the link to the Hulu video. You can then send it up to seven of your friends. Your friends must also have a Hulu account, but it doesn’t matter which subscription they (or you) have. It is available to all subscribers.   prime video watch party | Disney Watch Party | how does teleparty work | hbo max watch party | hulu watch party | peacock watch party | spotify dynamic theme | netflix party extension | bulk url opener extension | Ott Party | Netflix Watch Party | Netflix Party Extension | Watch Hotstar party | Hotstar