Microsoft has reportedly signed a deal with Opera Software. As a result of this agreement, the Opera Mini mobile browser will later become the default browser installed on every low-end Nokia cellphone. Opera Mini will come pre-installed on the latest devices. So, users no longer need to bother downloading the "low-data" browser application on the Opera website. The line-up of low-end Nokia cellphones will be integrated with the Opera Mini browser, namely the Nokia Series 30+, Series 40, and Asha. Meanwhile, for existing low-end Nokia users, according to Opera, they will be encouraged to install Opera Mini immediately. Opera Mini will soon replace the existing default browser, namely Express. This browser was developed directly by the Nokia team before being acquired by Microsoft. "This is a great opportunity to spread the benefits of Opera Mini to millions more consumers in our core markets. There are still a large number of people who still need to switch to smartphones, but Opera Mini can still provide them with a great browsing experience. Opera presents Download Opera Mini Latest Version on the Windows Phone platform. Because so far, this browser has yet to be present on Windows Phone devices. Even though many forums expect this application to appear because of its ability to compress web data.